About the IWCEP

Who we are

The IWCEP is a group of representatives from education, arts, heritage and cultural organisations across the Island, who have agreed the aim of ensuring that all children and young people on the Isle of Wight have equal access to high quality arts and cultural opportunities.

The Team

Nia Collins

Claire Paul

Tamsyn Lingard-Lane


Programme Manager

Deputy Chair

The Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership is overseen by THE ISLAND COLLECTION a development organisation committed to improving the quality of life for all those who live on the Isle of Wight, through collaboration between the Islands heritage and creative sector.


Cultural Partners

The IWCEP has a diverse and exciting range of cultural Partners all invested in serving the needs of Island schools and their communities. From Individual practitioners to large scale organisations, they are committed to delivering high quality provision and working together to make the most of what this Island has to offer.

The New Carnival Company

The New Carnival Company use Carnival and celebratory arts to engage people and communities, helping them to achieve their creative potential through the production of stunning outdoor events.


Apprenticeships, Arts Award, Creative Enterprise

Working with education settings and arts and cultural organisations in the city to empower children and young people through arts and culture. 

Quay Arts

The Quay Arts offer a wide programme of art and performance in their gallery and theatre spaces and work with schools and the community offering workshops and experiences.


Shademakers create and work with ‘Dancing Sculptures’ to conceive, conduct and curate project work to provide spectacular shows. They also offer training and support in a variety of areas related to carnival arts.

Ventnor Exchange

Ventnor Exchange bring together visionary artists to inspire, nurture, provoke and entertain. With a vision to build a sustainable creative economy that provides opportunities, careers and an authentic Island voice. They are also responsible for Brave Island, a creative network for young people on the Island; providing mentoring, funding and training for young people interested in the creative industries.

Isle of Wight Music Hub

Isle of Wight Music Hub is putting music at the heart of vibrant school and Island communities. The hub is building a strong partnership of schools and cultural organisations, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Events and CPD for schools.

Independent Arts

An Isle of Wight charity using the arts to improve wellbeing, quality of life and to reduce social isolation. Working with all ages in the community and schools.

Isle of Wight Heritage Service

The Museum Service collects and preserves items relating to the Island’s history, archaeology and geology, and displays a range of these collections through its public museums.

Brading Roman Villa

Brading Roman Villa is one of the finest Roman sites in the UK. An award-winning Visitor Centre and Museum offer unique insights into Roman life in Britain from beautifully preserved mosaic floors to an extensive collection of Roman archaeology. Find out about Brading Roman Villa’s new outside classroom.

Classic Boat Museum

Situated in Cowes and East Cowes, the Classic Boat Museum has been telling visitors its wonderful maritime story since 1996. The Museum is across 2 sites and consists of the Boat Shed and the Gallery and has an extensive range of resources for learners.

Carisbrooke Castle Museum

The Museum cares for over 35,000 items connected with the Isle of Wight. The collection includes social history, medieval history, King Charles I, ecclesiastical history, costume, military history, photographs, paintings, decorative art, ephemera and documents.

The Earth Museum

Discover a world of stories, treasures and global heritage connections on the Earth Museum – a virtual space for the curious, heritage lovers and creative educators to dive in and explore!

IW Libraries

Cowes, Newport, Freshwater, Ryde, Sandown, Ventnor and the home library service.


Isle of Wight AONB is a Non-Governmental organisation with the purpose of conserving and enhancing the Isle of Wight’s finest landscapes. Find out more about the wide range of projects linked to IW ANOB.

*** Full list of Cultural partners and their information coming soon! ***

‘The Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership supports children and young people to fulfil their creative potential and access high-quality cultural experiences where they live, where they go to school, and where they spend their free time. Partners come together from across sectors, responding to local needs and interests, to drive a more joined-up cultural education offer, share resources, and improve the visibility of cultural education in their local area. We have also been able to raise awareness of the way we, as local organisations, can enrich and enhance the curriculum offer’.

Laura Bosworth, Education Visits Officer, English Heritage, Isle of Wight and Hampshire

Formed in response to Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Challenge in 2017, the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership is a network of leaders from the arts, heritage and education sectors who have:

  • Committed to work in partnership
  • Adopt a shared approach
  • Be responsive and align aims and objectives to ensure that all Children and Young People on the Isle of Wight have access to high quality arts, heritage and cultural opportunities

Against the context of the Ofsted requirement for schools to demonstrate how they are building cultural capital the Isle of Wight Cultural Education Partnership has been an invaluable tool in linking schools (who need to access heritage) with museums (who provide cultural capital). The transition project has significantly strengthened the partnership and as a direct consequence Brading Roman Villa has benefited greater profile and interaction with our local schools.”

Spencer Brown, Education Officer, Brading Roman Villa

Story of Change

Developed in April 2021, our Story of Change maps out how we intend to work over the next 5 years, to support Children and Young People on the Isle of Wight, to make a difference and ultimately to create change.

Designed by Hannah Ray, New Carnival Company.