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Activities – Museum of Island History

Activities to support your visit to the Museum of Island History

There are lots of resources available to support your visit to the Museum of Island History. These include videos and activity sheets with lots of fun and creative ideas to extend learning opportunities either before or after a visit.

Video Tour

Introduction to the Museum of Island History

A video introduction to the Museum of Island History with IWC Heritage Education Officer Estelle Baker (14mins) with accompanying notes.

Activity Sheets

anglo saxon skillet

Top Treasure Activities

Discover some of the Island’s top historical treasures which are in the care of our museums with these activities.

Drawing Activity

Designed by local artist Adam Gaterell, this drawing activity sheet is packed with ideas to inspire your students during a visit to the Museum of Island History.

Storytelling Activities

Commissioned from local storyteller Sue Bailey, this activity sheet is packed with creative ideas to inspire activities in the classroom, at our museums and beyond. The activities have been designed to support Arts Award Explore but can readily be adapted for other levels or used to inspire fun activities undertaken without formal Arts Award assessment.

Cartoon History

‘A Cartoon History of the Isle of Wight’, written by Martin and Michelle Crowther, uses rhyming couplets to take readers on an incredible journey through time. Students can use this template to illustrate and add to the poem with their own compositions.

Self-Led Trails

Use these trails and activity sheets to explore the Museum of Island History independently.