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Activities – Victorian

Victorian Activities and Resources

Explore our collection of fun and informative activities and resources, available to help support teaching of the Isle of Wight’s Victorian history.

Top Treasure Activity Sheets

Discover some of the Island’s top historical treasures which are in the care of our museums with these activities. Each sheet introduces a treasure with questions to think about, a fact file of information and suggestions for further fun activities.

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Tell Me a Story… Merman

Commissioned from local storyteller Sue Bailey, this activity sheet is packed with creative ideas to inspire activities in the classroom, at our museums and beyond.

The activities have been designed to support Arts Award Explore but can readily be adapted for other levels or used to inspire fun activities undertaken without formal Arts Award assessment.

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Gleanings from Wood and Field by Emma Dennett

Emma Dennett’s Botanical Illustrations

Discover an album of botanical illustrations created by Emma Dennett in the 19th century in this short film by Bruce Webb. Be inspired to to explore and record the plants and flowers where you live through art or photography.

You can explore the whole album online or download a PDF of the images with a transcription of Emma’s notes.

Hidden Hero: Julia Margaret Cameron

illustrated portrait of Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron

Living and working at Dimbola in Freshwater in the 1860s and 70s, Cameron was responsible for turning photography into an art form, experimenting with soft focus and pioneering the first photographic close-up portraits.

Hidden Hero: Rev William Fox

illustrated portrait of Rev William Fox

The Reverend William D Fox

An influential amateur fossil hunter and collector, who worked as a curate at Brighstone in the late 19th Century.

These resources were created as part of the Hidden Heroes project.

The Earth Museum: Beyond 1066

The Earth Museum aims to inspire the next generation of digital global citizens with life skills that help us to understand and look after our planet better. Their work blends local and global heritage connections with UN Sustainable Development Goals and world citizen voices to create entertaining place-based digital learning experiences.

The Museums and Schools partnership has commissioned a series of maps and teaching resources to help you explore the rich cultural heritage of the Island. Designed for KS2 and KS3 History, Geography, Science, Technology and Citizenship curriculum subjects, the ‘Beyond 1066’ map includes Victorian objects from across the Isle of Wight which may also help inspire learning at different stages.

Find out more on the Resources Introduction Page or go straight to the Explorer Map.