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James Ovnik – Technical Artist / Animator

James Ovnik

Employer: Fracture Reality
Primary School: Carisbrooke CE Primary
Secondary School: Carisbrooke High
Where do you live and work now? Brighton

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Was there an experience you had at school that made you want to go into the area of work you are in now?

Yes, I was studying Design Technology at A level and a student at Portsmouth University studying Computer Animation offered to show me around the Animation studio. They helped me create an explainer animation for use in my A level project. Seeing what he and his fellow students were working on at the time was definitely a lightbulb moment for me, I ended up applying for the same course the following year

Could you briefly share a bit about your career journey? (What did you study? How did you end up where you are today?)

The main steer in my career was the decision to study Computer Animation. The two main areas of work that the course spoke to was the Visual Effects industry or the Video Games industry. During my studies I found a specific love for character animation and so focused on this. Post University I’ve worked at various video game studios including Sony and Disney. A few years ago I joined up with a few friends also from the games industry and started a company which focuses on mixed and virtual reality projects. Now my skill set has changed from being solely an animator to one which includes wider 3d based skills. I still animate but also now enjoy all the technical challenges of the wider industry.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Probably the great balance between artist thinking and the varying technical puzzles that present themselves on a daily basis.

What is the hardest thing about your job?

Keeping up to date with the latest innovations/tools and processes. Technology moves extremely fast in this industry.

What skills or attributes do you believe have been crucial to your success in your career?

I would probably say having a good mix of creativity and ability to problem solve, it can definitely be beneficial working in computer graphics to have a balance between art and technical skills.

If you could give advice to someone aspiring to have a job like you, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, in my experience people who work in the graphics industry are usually more than willing to share their knowledge.

What do you think was a benefit about growing up on the Isle of Wight?

For me it was easy access to the country side or coastlines, whilst using/enjoying and working on computers is a passion of mine it was great to be able to switch off and enjoy a peaceful walk or bike ride away from everything.

What was the most difficult thing about growing up on the Isle of Wight?

Probably the most difficult thing at the time was the limited job opportunities, however this was also the reason I explored a career outside of what the Island had to offer. With remote working now a real option in many industries this could make living on the Island a much more viable prospect.

What do you want to do next?

To continue learning and improving my skills.

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