Anglo Saxons on the Isle of Wight

Learn about the Anglo-Saxon invasion, which countries they migrated from and their links with the Isle of WightMeet two Anglo-Saxon Islanders – what can we discover about them from their burials? Focusing on excavations at Carisbrooke Castle and Chessell Down Anglo-Saxon cemetery, pupils take on the role of archaeologists investigating the exquisitely crafted replica grave goods and recreating one of the burials. They also complete a museum trail that builds on their chronology skills and puts the Anglo-Saxon period in context.

This workshop is available in school or at the Museum of Island History.


About the Museum of Island History

Situated within the historic Guildhall on Newport High Street, the museum provides a fascinating exploration of Island history from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day.  Visitors can view incredible objects highlighting the Island’s diverse historical past; including hands on displays and the latest archaeological finds, as well as visit a range of exciting, changing exhibitions throughout the year.

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Anglo Saxons


Key information

Level: Key Stage 1 and 2

Curriculum links: History, English, Geography

Duration: 2hrs at the museum or 1 1/4hrs in school

Open for Schools: The museum is available exclusively for schools on Mon, Wed and Fri throughout the year.

Pupil numbers: 32 (max)

Cost: £4/pupil at the museum or £100 in school for one class, £175 for two classes


Artefact Boxes

The Heritage Education Service can loan items of historical, archaeological and geological interest to schools. Boxes of original artefacts, replicas and models on a range of topics from dinosaurs to the 1970s can support classroom activities before or after a workshop or museum visit. Loans can be delivered and collected direct to your school for just £45 for up-to eight loan boxes.


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Key stage

Key stage 1, Key stage 2

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Facilitator Led